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Large selection of tree slab tables

Ordered today before 12:00, delivered within 7 working days.

Ordered today before 12:00, delivered within 7 working days.

Professional and quick delivery

Hardwood tree slab tables

Hardwood tree slab tables

Hardwood tree slab tables

Request a free sample

Request a free sample

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About us

The Stratton Group is established in Enschede, The Netherlands. We have over 15 years of experience in the wood industry and in 2014, we took the step to build an online store. In doing so, we do not have a showroom anymore, however, we now have a very large warehouse full of hardwood. This way we keep costs low and are able to offer hardwood at low prices. We love hardwood and we try to express this in everything we do.

Our strengths

  • We have a very high customer satisfaction score
  • Fast delivery from the warehouse, professional delivery
  • The more you order, the lower the delivery costs, free delivery is already possible from 995 AUD
  • The best hardwood at the lowest price, the largest selection of hardwood available.
  • Free advice from our Advisory Team, Tim, Marco, Tom or Manon are at your service

All of the wood on our website is actually in stock. This allows us to order pick and deliver the garden wood very quickly. We pack all of the orders according to a fixed and coordinated process in order to maintain control over the quality and completeness of all of the orders. We value safe shopping and a good customer satisfaction very much.

We developed a useful calculation tool so you can quickly and easily make a choice that directly corresponds to the correct price:



Our advisory team

Since we like to aim for a high customer satisfaction, we have put together an advisory team which allows you to ask questions in an easy and quick way.

  • Our Advisory team, Tim, Marco, Tom and Manon are at your service
  • Delivered from our warehouse in Enschede, therefore delivered from stock.
  • We gladly advise you on how to realise a project.

Tree slab tables


  • The process of a tree slab table - the steps
  • A photo is taken of each tree slab table and is posted online
  • There we mention the table sizes and the type of wood.
  • With each order, the table is being completely sanded again. All of the spots and dust will be sanded off.
  • After varnishing, the table will be sanded again for a very nice end result.

All tree slab tables are stacked on top of each other in the pallet racks in our warehouse.
For that reason, there may be some dust or spots on the table.
We always make sure to sand the tables again so they look at their best.
If requested, we finish the table tops with a coat of varnish.
You can also opt for the untreated finish.

Which is better: a tree slab table top with 4 cm or 8 cm thickness?

The thicker the table top, the more stable it remains. Furthermore, a table top of 8 cm looks fuller, but that is of course according to our own taste. The price of a 4 cm thick table top is always cheaper than one of 8 cm, which is logical since a 8 cm table top is twice as thick as a 4 cm hardwood table top. For a 4 cm table top, we advise a maximum span of 4.1 m and for a 8 cm thick table top up to maximum 6.1 m.

Do I choose a hardwood or oak tree slab table?

An oak tree slab table has a lighter weight and has a different appearance than a hardwood tree slab table. Hardwood has a finer grain and therefore has a flatter finish. Oak is more coarse-grained an therefore has a slightly less fine finish. European Oak is a hard wood, however not as hard as hardwood. This makes tropical hardwood more hard-wearing and therefore more vandal-proof. Oak table tops have their own look, different from hardwood. Both hardwood and oak wood should be dried correctly in case it will be used as table tops. If oak and hardwood are not dried correctly, the wood will become unstable and will twist and crack. Oak is cheaper than hardwood and that is what you see back in the price. It is up to your personal taste to choose the type of wood.

What if your size is not included?

No problem. We can make every table smaller without charge. Just order the tree slab table you want, send us an email with your order number, tell us exactly how much you want to get cut (dimensions) it’s as simple as that!

Every tree slab table is unique

Not one tree slab table is the same, therefore each table top is unique. If requested, we can seal a natural crack that could occur in a table top. This is completely free of charge. You can also choose to not change anything about it, which gives the table top an extra robust character.
A tear or crack in the table does not affect the solidity of the table top, hardwood and oak are so strong that even multiple cracks won’t affect the quality. Tables from the brand Huefter are indeed vandal-proof.

Which types of wood do we sell in tree slab tables?

We sell slab table tops in the hardwood types Pedra, Tatajuba and Jatoba and in oak. They are all stable and sustainable types of wood, suitable for indoor use. You simply can’t use every type of wood to make a tree slab table! Not every type of wood is suitable! We have selected the best types of wood in hardwood and oak tables.

All of the wood for tables is dried and stress-free. We only sell the best tree slab tables.   

With or without varnish

Varnish is a type of lacquer which we have in a matte variant. This protects the wood from scratches, moisture and dirt. Since the varnish hardly changes the colour of the table, the natural charm of the wood remains intact and maintains its character. We always apply multiple coats of varnish, up to 4 or 5 separate coats, in order to ensure a good protection to the wood.

With or without metal frame?

A tree slab table is heavy and not every frame can support this weight. Therefore, we have developed good and solid metal frames that give the table top good stability and that will reduce the chance of wood movement. However, this is not completely avoidable, it is always possible for a crack to appear, which is also the charm of wood. We have different models and colours of frames available. Each of them are mentioned on the web pages.

Small models of table tops and tables

We also sell small sizes of tree slab table tops. They can be used as a coffee table, bathroom table or side table. These small tables are very ideal for DIY, you can make almost everything out of wood.

Longer sizes of tree slab tables

We have table tops in stock up to a length of 6.1 m. The most frequently sold tables are between 2 and 3.1 m long. If your long size can’t be found online, feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Tree slab tables as office tables

A tree slab table used as a desk in your office is very ideal. They can be straight cut or with bark.

Tree slab tables in stock

Every month a new stock of tree slab tables are delivered. Our stock has a minimum of 50 pieces. Not all of the tables can be placed online. So if you have a specific question, also about a size you can’t find online, please send us an email or call our Advisory Team. We are happy to help.

Delivery and delivery time

Our transporter delivers the table or table tops with a mobile forklift, as far as the forklift can go. The driver is on his own so he isn’t able to place the table in your house. If you order a table; today before 12:00 - then it already gets delivered tomorrow. If we apply varnish then it will get delivered within 3 business days if you order today before 12:00. Delivery at a later date is of course also possible in both cases. You can easily select your preferred delivery date in the shopping cart.

Free advice and help from our advisory team, Tim, Marco, Tom and Manon are at your service.

How do we operate?

How do we operate?

We give free advice online and try to give a clear picture of the product on our website. If you still have any questions, please contact our advisory team. We are happy to help.

  • All of the wood on our website is in fact actually in stock. This allows us to order pick and deliver hardwood very quickly.
  • We pack all of the orders according to a fixed and coordinated process in order to maintain control over the quality and completeness of all of the orders.
  • We value safe shopping and a good customer satisfaction very much.
  • We deliver very quickly. Ordered on a business day before 12:00, delivered the next business day at home. Any other time is of course also possible. Just select the preferred delivery date in the shopping cart.
  • After ordering, we will immediately send an order confirmation via email. We will send an email again as soon as the wood package is ready to be shipped.
  • The transporter always calls 1 business day before the actual delivery date.
  • We deliver all of the wood packages in a professional way in a large lorry with mobile forklift.
  • The driver will deliver the wood package as close as possible to the appointed spot.

We pack and deliver the orders in our large warehouse to your home by lorry and mobile forklift.

Low delivery costs Australia


The larger the order, the lower the delivery costs.

Simply select the preferred delivery date in the shopping cart.

Wood packages are always carefully packed
and delivered by lorry with mobile forklift:  

  • Package S

  • Package L

  • Package XL

  • Package XXL


  • Our transporter has a large lorry with mobile forklift; he will place the wood package as close as possible to the appointed spot. You don’t have to do anything. We make sure that your wood will get delivered on your driveway.  

The ordering process:

  • During the order you can easily select a preferred delivery time in the shopping cart.
  • We will send an order confirmation with the delivery date.
  • We deliver very quickly.
  • The transporter will always contact you one day prior to the delivery time. If necessary, he will leave a voicemail.


In our warehouse we have a very large stock of hardwood.
We deliver directly from our warehouse.

We buy directly from the importer and also import hardwood ourselves.
Since we buy big amounts at the same time, we stipulate good purchase conditions.
This ensures us to continuously offer quality hardwood at competitive prices.

From our big warehouse, quick delivery to your home. 

  • Planed hardwood posts, raw or fine sawn hardwood posts, flattened hardwood, decking boards, decking, decking boards for terraces, beams, Fencing, joists, hardware, screws and tree slab tables.
  • In the hardwood types Massaranduba, Ipe, Itauba, Bankirai
  • Fine sawn posts, beams, foundation posts for under decking or terrace.
  • In the hardwood types Azobe and Angelim Vermelho.
  • Very high quality of hardwood at competitive prices
  • We are a wood wholesaler as well as an importer, hence why we offer competitive and therefore low purchase prices.
  • We gladly pass on our advantage to you.
  • Hardhout Discount has a passion for hardwood garden wood products.

That is what we try to express in everything we do.

  • Easy and safe ordering online, we deliver the items quickly to your home on business days. Any other time is also possible of course, just select the preferred delivery time in the shopping cart.
  • Our advisory team is always ready to answer your questions, we are happy to help.
  • We have a very high customer satisfaction score.
  • We are a Web-Keur member, which guarantees safe shopping.

We deliver all of the wood orders carefully.

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