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If you are considering to make a deck or terrace out of hardwood, then outdoor parquet is an excellent product choice. Not only is this type of decking board a more inexpensive alternative but outdoor parquet is also simple and easy to mount, which reduces the installation time significantly. If you purchase the wood and hire a horticulturist or carpenter to do the work for you, you will directly save working time and costs. Outdoor parquet saves you time and is as good as a traditional decking board. Some people even like the end result of outdoor parquet even better than of a standard terrace board. The outdoor parquet terrace boards are all planed with so called tongue and groove at the ends of the boards. The terrace components are easy to click together in endless lengths. You could compare it to laying laminate, simple as that. Outdoor parquet has the same visual result as a deck with longer boards, if these are also laid in a wild bond pattern. All of the outdoor parquet boards have a beautiful bevel if they are slid into each other. The result is a nice transition from one board to the other. Using various lengths creates a beautiful wild bond with almost no waste. The bars or mudsills under the outdoor parquet terrace are laid at a centre-to-centre distance of approx. 40 cm.

IPE hardwood

Ipe decking wood, terrace wood, beams or joists? We sell it all. Ipe wood is the best choice of wood. There is no better hardwood than Ipe. This type of hardwood has a long durability, of 30 years or more. Ipe is a very stable hardwood and is therefore suitable for every conceivable application. Ipe is the best wood. That’s why we have an extra wide range of this type of hardwood. Ipe has a brown and light brown colour, has a uniform structure and is fine-grained. This wood is hard-wearing, strong and won’t move.
Hidden or visible screws
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Process + wood click system

It’s easy to lay each decking board in the longitudinal direction. Each decking board has a so called tongue or groove at the ends, we call this a wood click system. This makes it easy to lock each board into the next one. It’s easy to install this product with little experience. This system can be compared to laying a laminate flooring, simple is that.
The ends of the board don't necessarily have to meet at a joist. The click system is strong enough to prevent bending between the joists. During the installation there will always be remaining parts, the cut-off pieces. They can be used if they have a minimum length of 45 cm and the decking board can be fastened to at least 2 joists.

Advantages of the Mounting strips

The mounting clips are slid on the side of the decking board, “in the  groove”. The mounting clips are mounted on the joists under the surface of the terrace. That way the screws are not visible. The clips also maintain the proper distance between the boards. By using mounting clips there is a gap of approximately 2 mm. This makes it a lot easier to mount. By using these mounting clips, you save a lot of time and it will be a lot easier to mount the hardwood deck.

For a traditional decking board that doesn’t have recess for a mounting clip, you just screw straight through the decking boards. It’s necessary to pre-drill with a countersink.  That way the head of the screw is visible at the surface of the decking board, whereas the screws won’t visible when using a mounting clip.  The clips and screws are made of inox metal and are black-coated so they won’t rust or oxidise with hardwood. This gives an even nicer result.

Price per square metre (m2) + free mounting clips and screws:
We deliver enough boards for you to install the ordered square metres. 
For this product you receive free metal mounting clips and special decking board screws + bit. We sell these terrace boards per square metre. Laying the terrace boards in a so called wild bond pattern will give you the best result. See photos for a good illustration of the end result. We always recommend to order approx. 10% more wood, since there is always some cutting waste.

A terrace is meant as a place where you can relax comfortably. When planning your outdoor parquet, be aware of the position in the garden. Determine the right size, it is therefore important to consider whether you’d also like to install a lounge set or a garden table on it. If you opt for a terrace with a garden table, then you usually need extra width than for e.g. a lounge set, this is because when you stand up or sit down at the table, the chair moves back. To prevent the chair leg from getting stuck or sinking into the garden, we advise you to determine the right width. Don't start right away but make several rough plans of your garden, in which you include the outdoor parquet terrace that you want to build. Always make sure to work out several locations in the garden and consider the best location according to your wishes.

In our shop you can choose the wood type that fits the colour the best. Then you not only get a magnificent terrace but after finishing the deck, it will also look as if you have a parquet floor running through the garden. This is why this decking board is called outdoor parquet. Your living room seems bigger and the hardwood gives an extra appearance to the garden. Don’t forget to oil or varnish the terrace parts. Otherwise the wood will turn grey after a couple of months.

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Make an easy product choice by using the calculator to calculate the price and by comparing colours of hardwood. Outdoor parquet is simple and easy to order in the online shop. is the cheapest online hardwood store for outdoor parquet and other wood products. In our online shop you also find related products, garden gates and various screws. Payment is quick, easy and secure. Pay with Ideal, Visa, Mastercard or with Afterpay. We deliver all the ordered wood on a pallet, delivered by lorry with crane at your door.

Free samples

Would you like to receive a free outdoor parquet sample? This way you get a better picture of the weight, structure and colour of the outdoor parquet board. Or to compare it to the decking board and profile that the neighbours have? You can easily request one for free at Hardhout Discount. Simply request the outdoor parquet sample via our website. 

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