Calculator for steel doors and windows

Dimensions for your situation

We supply different types of steel doors: pivot doors, sliding doors or stubby doors. To determine which is suitable for your situation, we ask you to specify the dimensions. These include the width and height of the opening where the window or door will be placed (W x H), and the free space on the left (L), the free space on the right (R) and the free space above (T) the opening for the window or door.

The illustration below shows this schematically. Please enter your measured value for each dimension. The calculator will then determine which options we can offer!

Reference image for specifying the dimensions

It is rare for an opening to have the same width or height everywhere (the daylight size). Therefore, measure the reveal size at a number of different places in the opening, then fill in the smallest measurement.

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Door or window type

Pivot door Unsuitable

Rotating pivot door Unsuitable

Sliding door on rail Unsuitable

Sliding door on castors Unsuitable
Window only
Window only Suitable

The types of steel doors and windows shown here are suitable for the dimensions given.

Possible base configurations

This is the basic configuration. In the following steps, the configuration is further personalised.

Door height

The door height depends on the type of door chosen. It is always lower due to the hinge. For the selected model you can choose a height between and centimetres.

Store door height

Overall width of the door(s)

The total width of the door(s) includes the visible width of the door(s). This is therefore not the exact width of the passage. The passage width is always slightly smaller than the total door width. The calculator takes into account that the minimum door width is always 80 centimetres. You can set the width of the doorway between and centimetres.

Please note that for sliding doors, increasing the door width may result in the door(s) no longer being centred.

Save the width of the door opening

Door sliding direction

To the left To the right

For a single sliding door, the calculator calculates the direction in which the door can slide open. It is possible that the door can slide open to the left or to the right. In this step you can make this selection.

Please note that by changing the sliding direction, the door position is recalculated.

Position of the door opening

The position of the doorway is always measured from the left side. Usually, the best result is achieved by positioning the door opening in the middle. With sliding doors, this is not always possible because space is required to open the door. In this case the calculator places the doorway as close to the centre as possible.

In this calculation the optimum distance is centimetres (measured from the left). It is possible to place the doorway further to the left or right by entering the desired value from the left. The calculator checks whether this is possible; if it would be too small, the nearest valid value is chosen. The valid values are between and centimetres. The impression image changes as soon as the desired value is saved.

Save the door position

Hinge point of the door

Hinge point left Hinge point right

For single doors, it is possible to choose the hinge point. In this way, you can decide for yourself how the door opens.

Direction of door rotation

Direction of rotation inwards

Direction of rotation outwards

With an normal door, you can choose the direction of rotation. The hinges are then fitted on the side facing the direction of rotation.

Door with locking mechanism


A double-leaf door consists of a fixed door with lock and a hinged door. The fixed door can be blocked with the lock and cannot be opened. The French door falls against the stop on the fixed door. You can choose whether the fixed door is left or right.

Door with a lock

With lock Without a lock

A blunt door can be fitted with a lock. With a double blunt door, te other door can be fixed.

Horizontal bar

Now door handle A is drawn in as standard. If you choose two or more horizontal beams, it is possible to select "Door handle B" in a moment.

Vertical uprights

In addition to horizontal beams, it is also possible to install the same extra slim profiles vertically, provided there is sufficient space in between. For a revolving pivot door, one vertical post is required if there are less than 2 horizontal beams.

Door handle

Model A
Model A

Door handle model A is standard. Model B at least 2 horizontal beams are required. (exception: revolving door).


Transparent coating
Transparent coating
Black fine texture
Black fine texture

Steel doors are always supplied with a powder coating. Maintenance-free and well-finished.

Empty Calculator and start again.

Overview of your calculation

We cannot make an overview yet. Please first fill in the dimensions for your situation and select a basic configuration.