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Hardwood gate modern - do-it-yourself

Wood type:


Gate frame:


Board thickness:

1.9 x 9.0 cm

Board width:

9.0 cm

Total thickness of the gate:

approx. 6 cm


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Woven ground cover


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Fence posts finely sawn rough pointed 6x6 cm

Fence posts fine sawn sharpened 6.0 x 6.0 cm


Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 cm

Lengths: Various lengths

Profile: Fine sawnSharpened

Mounting: Quick and easy

Durability: Long - 30 years or more



Do you want to calculate quickly and easily a - deck - canopy - or steel door? Directly a picture of the end result.


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Garden screens are available in many variants and models. You can choose to make your own garden screen or buy a ready-made garden screen, the models are straight or arched, the dimensions of the garden screens are often available in 180x180. We offer products at competitive prices. We are the cheapest online store. A sustainable noise-resistant hardwood garden screen gives a beautiful look and is easy to install. You can choose between straight or arched garden screens, combined with various construction materials. Also garden screens combined with brickwork are possible. Then you can build up pillars as a post, with possibly a brick wall on the underside. This is however the most labour-intensive application. Don't forget that you should also make a strip foundation to carry the weight and pressure. That’s why most people choose straight or arched hardwood garden screens, combined with a hardwood post, this post is available in various profiles, thicknesses and lengths. It’s easy to install a post with an auger and the garden screens can easily be fastened to the hardwood posts with clips. You get the most beautiful result if you use a planed post. The thicker the post, the more robust the garden partition or garden fence becomes. If you choose a StarTimber wood product then you have the best quality of hardwood. A fence capping over garden fences and posts gives everything a nice framed finish, and it prevents water infiltration.

If you want to install a fence, always discuss it with the neighbours first to avoid any issues. It’s often also possible to share the costs of a fence. Then you save money for perhaps another wood project. A fence made of garden screens or walls keeps prying eyes or unwanted guests away. A fence component is usually 1.8 metres high and is always placed to a post above the ground. Choose a straight 180x180 screen, an arched screen is lower to the sides, therefore not 180x180. Most fences have a total height of almost 2 metres. Since the hardwood screen doesn't come into contact with the ground, it will stay clean and will have a longer durability. A fence offers privacy, so you can have a delicious barbecue or enjoy the first sun of spring without being disturbed. With an affordable and good hardwood fence you can easily make your backyard more like your own outdoor room. Bring your indoors outdoors with garden screen from The Stratton Group.

Everything about arched and straight garden screens can be found on The Stratton Group, where you can also find several manuals, info and tips. We deliver our garden screens at competitive prices, which you will see in our offers. Our practical calculator shows you everything for your project in an instant, including the best prices. And of course you can find all of the products necessary in our selection. We will gladly help you with the purchase of garden screens and related products. Ordering from The Stratton Group is easy and secure and you can get started 24 hours after placing an order! The most simple and affordable way is to make a fence with a few posts in the ground and to nail some slats there, but screwing is better. Note that pre-drilling is necessary for hardwood. The art of building wooden fences has developed over time. We have good installation instructions, so everyone is able to install a fence in an inexpensive way. There are many possibilities now: from solid to robust, from classic to modern, from sleek to more playful finishes. You can also opt for an artificial hedge but that requires a lot of regular maintenance. It’s also not noise-resistant. You can make everything out of wood, which will give you a sustainable and natural look.

At The Stratton Group we gladly advise you on the best purchases in terms of garden screens. Is the price and affordability of the wood the most important consideration, but you still want to use the best wood? Do you prefer a natural-looking fence in combination with hardwood? This will give you the most affordable result. Garden screens made of braided willow branches of the Hill Wood model combined with hardwood posts are affordable, for example you will get a beautiful natural look when you use braided willow branches, we always have good offers in that regard. Or do you prefer an artificial garden screen made of WPC? WPC isn't a cheaper alternative, the prices are high and it’s quite tricky to install. Below we tell you about the best garden screen solutions, which isn't WPC or Hill Wood. And of course we tell you more about the different wood types for garden screens that are deliverable, about the leading quality branch and what you definitely have to bear in mind. Startimber has the best quality unlike hill wood. Furthermore, we provide you with many tips and tricks if you want to make a wooden garden screen or fence yourself.

Have you ever thought about the building codes?

Height, width and the shape of a property fence are bound by the local building codes. The regulations applicable in your municipality can be obtained from the responsible municipal desk. Note that every municipality has its own regulations, so inform in advance. You find the standard answers that apply at the municipal desk. Below are some existing rules regarding fences, hedges and other ways to make property boundaries.

Property boundaries should comply with the following rules:

  • A fence, wall, artificial hedge, garden screen behind the house may not exceed a 2 metres height, unless other rules apply by municipal regulations or local custom. The allowed maximum height in front of the house is 1 metre. You can always plant an artificial hedge or trees behind or against the fence or garden screens in order to protect your garden or terrace from prying eyes. A noise-resistant fence, natural vegetation or artificial fence can barely do that.
  • You may not make an opening or window in the wall, garden screens or fence. According to the law, windows, balconies or wall openings overlooking your neighbours' property are not permitted within 2 metres of the property boundary.
  • Without your neighbours' permission, you can do whatever you like at your side of the shared property boundary. You may add annexes and install beams, bolts etc. up to half of the thickness of the property boundary, as long as you don't cause any damage. You may for example paint or fasten brackets for planters on your side of the wall, garden screens or fence. You may trim hedges on your side.
  • A hedge or artificial hedge is not noise-resistant, but may be higher than 2 m1.

So if you choose a standard 180x180 straight or arched garden fence or a fan fence of max. 1.80 high, if placed off the ground then you will need a maximum height of 1.90 metres. The fence is often situated at 2 metres so small height differences can easily be bridged with 1 upper line, which creates a nice result. That way the height is always within the norm and you don't need permission from the municipality.

The right dimensions

If you have a clear picture of how and where the garden fences or loose fence boards should be placed, then you will read in the installation instructions how important it is to determine the type of surface and whether the wooden posts should be poured into concrete for extra support and security. The loose fence boards should be screwed properly to the posts, for hardwood garden screens it's important to pre-drill in advance for a good result. The standard rule for the right length of a post says that approx. 30% of the post's length should be in the ground for good stability. The most common length is 2.75 or 3.00 metres.

There are a few standard rules for constructing a fence, whether it’s a straight, arched or fan fence. And you will have to make considerations according to your own building construction. Determine construction’s weight because it often happens that later on a shelter might be placed, or the garden fence might be used as a wall for a shed. Depending on the soil composition, you might need longer or thicker posts. If a garden screen is for example 1.80 wide then you will have to determine the centre-to-centre distance according to the thickness of the post and the width of the garden screen. The total thickness of a garden screen is 42 mm. This will give a solid and decent end result. We recommend before starting to consider whether the garden screens still need electrical wiring, for example an extra power point.

Wide range

Choose a beautiful hardwood fence board or garden screen or a cheaper alternative in Lariks or Douglas garden screens. They both give the wood a beautiful natural look. Most hardwood fence boards and garden screens come from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. The very favourable strength properties and high durability ensure that not all hardwood types are suitable. The Stratton Group has the knowledge and experience in the products we have for sale online. We make sure that you can buy the best materials at the most competitive prices. We relieve you of all worries so that you only have to decide which colour you’d like to have. Our calculator and construction manuals make sure that you always get the best and cheapest result. Any wood may grey under the influence of rain, sun and air, so if you want to prevent this, you should treat the wood with special oil or lacquer. It also provides additional protection to the wood. And of course don't forget to order the fixing materials such as brackets and screws. Apart from fence boards and garden screens, The Stratton Group also delivers wooden decking boards and wood to construct partial roofs and garden houses. On our website you find a complete and customer-friendly overview of our range, you can find almost everything for sale. Also check out our outlet store for good prices and offers.

You can choose between various garden screens such as an arched or straight garden screen, both are available in hardwood. Hardwood has a long durability, it lasts for at least 20 years. Lariks and Douglas wood are less durable wood types. Usually they last up to approx. 10 to 15 years. Spruce or pine wood only last 3 years, so all in all hardwood or Douglas wood are a better product regarding the longer life expectancy.

Wood in the ground will be affected more quickly than wood above ground. The different soil compositions in The Netherlands may influence the durability and therefore life expectancy in a negative or positive way. Hardwood has a more solid structure than Oak and Douglas and therefore its weight and life expectancy increases.

Durability class


Life expectancy


very durable

25 years or longer



15 - 25 years


moderately durable

10 - 15 years


slightly durable

5 - 10 years


not durable

5 years or shorter


The The Stratton Group calculator calculates exactly how many posts, garden screens or fence posts and screws you need, so you never pay too much. You always get the correct prices. Of course you can also ask your questions online or seek advice by telephone. We will provide you with the right offer and prices.

Below you can read important information about different types of wood. Get inspired if you aren't certain yet which garden screen suits you best. With the hardwood screens, you can place a nice-looking fence in your garden. Apart from the practicality of the garden screen, it’s also a nice visual addition to your garden. Hardwood fence boards have a durability of approx. 20-25 years, as already mentioned above. The fences depend on the board direction (horizontal, vertical). The amount of boards for one garden screen is the same at The Stratton Group. You can fully customise the fence to your own needs. No treatment is ever needed for hardwood fences. But you can delay or prevent the greying process by using Bankirai oil. Mount our Keruing wooden garden fence in a straight or arched way, a minimum of 5cm off the ground or border with our fence brackets out of stainless steel, galvanised steel or aluminium. You need 6 brackets for one fence, thus 3 for one post. Apart from the 180x180cm garden screen and the 180x90cm half screens out of sustainable subtropical hardwood, we also offer posts and loose boards in various thicknesses. 


A 180x180 Hardwood garden screen is relatively heavy. That’s because the composition of hardwood is very compact. This weight adds to a longer life expectancy. Choose preferably planed posts with a minimal thickness of 65x65 mm. Since the posts for fences with garden screens are noticeable, it’s a good idea to order a smooth planed square post with or without V-grooves. The general rule is: the thicker the post the more luxurious it looks. These are slightly more expensive than our standard 7x7 cm Azobe posts. A 90 degree angle adds more strength to your fence. At The Stratton Group, we don't place the fence but we can offer all of the tips and tricks so everything will go smoothly.

Why fence boards or screens from The Stratton Group

The fence boards or screens we deliver, fall within the scope of the EU-law (EUTR). The Stratton Group consciously chooses for durability, which is one of the most important spearheads within our company.  We do not only guarantee high quality but we also strive to have the best customer service, furthermore we also promote sustainably-produced hardwood. This means that we aim to trade in legally harvested timber, not from illegal logging. 

We regularly visit our producers and sawmills in Africa and Brazil to be certain that all of the wood has in fact been produced legally within the country's legislation and regulations.

We make every effort to comply with the European legislation on hardwood import. This process, initiated by the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) provides demonstrable control over legal logging. All of our foreign products hold the certificate ‘Sustainable Forestry’.

Lastly, for the production we cooperate closely with the producer, in order to organise the production as well as the working conditions in a sustainable and social responsible way.

Easy to order online

You can order your preferred products, such as a beautiful-looking and affordable fence, very easily in our online store. Again, if you follow our instructions on installing a fence, nothing can go wrong. You can save costs via our low-priced Franco delivery. We always have extra attractive offers in the outlet store, which saves you money, and don't forget that we are always the cheapest online store. In our online store you find almost everything wood-related for your garden or terrace. Payment is very secure. You can pay with either Ideal, Visa, Mastercard or with Afterpay. We deliver the ordered wood with a crane at your door. The Dutch trust mark Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificate and Terms and Conditions of Thuiswinkel provide a lot more guarantees to the customer than the law does.

Free samples

At The Stratton Group you can request a free sample of the garden screen of your choice. Or a sample of the fence. All of this is possible! This way you get a better picture of the colour, structure and weight of the wood of your choice. Request, look, compare and order! Simply request the sample on our online store The Stratton Group.

Opening times

We are open each working day from 8:00 until 17:00. You can then contact us for all your questions.



Do you want to calculate quickly and easily a - deck - canopy - or steel door? Directly a picture of the end result.