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We advise you to order 1m1 extra fence, due to sawing loss.

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Fence modern - 2.1 cm Barcode - Vertical
Fence modern - 2.1 cm Barcode - Vertical
Modern fence hardwood ipe Tripple profile vertical
Fence modern - 2.1 cm Tripple - Vertical
IPE fence modern - 4.0 x 4.0 single sided bars
IPE fences modern - 4.0 x 4.0 bars
fence 7.0 cm ipe wood slat
IPE hardwood slatted fence modern - 7.0 cm wide - INVISIBLE SCREWING
Modern tripple fence made of ipe hardwood
Modern fencing - Tripple
9.0 cm ipe slats for your fence
moderne schutting


Do you also want a gate? Then please choose a minimum height of 2.00 m1 fence.
Do you prefer a different fence height, please send a message to

One-sided or two-sided slatted fence


EPDM Privacy Cloth

With EPDM Privacy Cloth Without EPDM Privacy Cloth

EPDM privacy cloth between your fence, has a sound-insulating effect, and prevents viewing between the slats.


Garden gate modern with black door furniture
Hardwood gate modern - do-it-yourself

No gate

A gate is equipped with a 1.90 metre high, black coated steel frame.
Black staves and hinges with lock case and black door fitting.
Slats with the length of 2.10 m1 are mounted vertically on the frame.

Gate width

Strong gateposts

1 strong gatepost 2 strong gateposts No gateposts

Our fences are built with poles in a thickness of 6.0 x 6.0 cm.
A gate is heavy in weight and needs a stronger post.
Attach the gate to a 14.0 x 14.0 cm post, length 3.00 m1.
If you want a symmetrical look, left and right of the gate. Then choose 2 gate posts.

Hardwood oil

Starter kit (1 can 2.7L + spray bottle) 1 can of fence oil (2,7L) No Oil.

By oiling the wood, the wood keeps its warm natural look.
If you do not oil the hardwood, it will slowly turn light grey after approx. 5 months.

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