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General technical specifications of woven ground cover

Anti-woven ground cover is made out of PolyPropylene. This plastic woven fabric is 2 mm thick and is black of colour.

Because of the woven structure of this fabric, it lets water through to the ground but doesn't allow root growth from the ground. A woven ground cover stabilises and covers the surface but is water-permeable and lets all the rainwater through. This fabric is strong and flexible because of the unique production process. The woven ground cover shrinks very little, barely in the length and width. The polypropylene won't become brittle or hard because of the solar shield UV filter. It is a sustainable product and will stay intact for a very long time. We only sell woven ground covers, anti-root covers or other ground covers in the colour black.

Woven ground covers are usually only used for direct use on the ground, under paving or a wooden terrace. The Boerenbond anti-root cover is made out of a different material than our woven ground cover.

Therefore our woven ground cover out of polypropylene is better and easier to use.

How do you use it?

Woven ground cover is placed flat on the soil in order to block light directly on the ground. Because of the lack of light, almost nothing can start growing or continue to grow. However, it lets nutrients such as water through, so the roots of the already planted plants can continue to grow. We advise you to create a flat surface out of sand before you place the woven ground cover on the ground. With a spirit level, you can easily create a downward gradient towards a flat sand layer. You place the woven ground cover directly on the ground and on top of it you can start laying your paving, deck or gravel.

Woven ground cover

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