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IPE hardwood garden gate

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 Wood type:



 Free choice

 Thickness of gate:

 Wood + metal frame


 Total thickness of gate approx. 6 cm








 You receive frame + loose timber


 Straps and hinges


 Gate fitting + screws


 Cylinder lock + door fitting


 High - Modern and luxurious look


 Long, 30 years or more

You receive

A steel gate frame of your choice with straps, hinges and cylinder lock + door fitting. You also receive enough hardwood boards to cover the gate frame yourself on 1 or, if preferred, on 2 sides. Self-drilling screws to fasten the boards to the metal frame are included. 

Metal gate frames

Our metal gate frames are galvanised so they won't rust.
Free straps, hinges, and free cylinder lock + door fitting are delivered with the gate frames.

Wood to fasten to the gate frames

We offer hardwood garden gates in various sizes. We deliver the metal frames incl. all free materials that are mentioned and the hardwood boards with the self-drilling screws. You should leave a gap of 1 cm between the boards, we base our wood delivery on that. You also receive enough hardwood boards to cover the gate frame yourself on 1 or, if preferred, on 2 sides. Ipe hardwood boards with dimensions 1.9 x 9.0 cm.

Garden gate models

Choose the right size of garden gate. We have various models available. The width and height of the gate are variable. The thickness of all metal gate frames is the same, which is 2 cm.

On 1 side wooden boards

A gate frame is always 1.55 m1 high, whereas the available widths are 90 cm - 1.00 m1 - 110 m1 - 1.20 m1 - 1.50 m1 and 2.00 m1. These boards are screwed vertically to the gate frame.
The length of the boards are longer than the gate frame. Choose the preferred height and width for the garden gate.

We have 1 gate available of which the slats can be mounted horizontally. The frame is 90 cm wide and 1.80 m1 high. For this model you also receive slats with a length of 90 cm.

Do you prefer wooden boards on both sides?

For extra privacy you can place wooden slats on both sides of the gate frame. We offer standard wood cladding on 1 side for all of our gates. But if you prefer wood on 2 sides, please send us an email with the dimensions of the gate. You will receive a return order confirmation from us. We can  deliver a gate with wood on 2 sides for an additional charge of 40%


We recommend to use a post with a length of 2.75 or 2 metre to mount to the gate. At least 1/3 of the fence post’s length should be dug into the ground. This post can be fine sawn in the sizes 6.0 x 6.0 / 7.0 x 7.0 or planed in the sizes 6.5 x 6.5 / 8.5 x 8.5 cm. Pre-drilling is necessary. Use our screws, they have enough strength to keep the wood properly in place. Mounting a fence screen and fence post doesn’t require a lot of experience.

Hardwood gate modern - do-it-yourself

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