Sheet pile boards

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Sheet pile boards

With sheet pile boards from Hardhout Discount in the wood types Azobe or Angelim Vermelho, you can determine the preferred height of your retaining walls. We deliver these boards both in a width of 15cm and 20cm.
What are sheet pile boards used for?
If you have a ditch or pond behind your house and you want to strengthen the banks to prevent the ground from sinking. With 2.0cm x 15cm or 20 cm sheet pile boards you can make a bulkhead, which you install on rough sawn posts in the dimensions 6cm x 6cm or 7cm x 7 cm. We recommend to secure a woven ground cover on the rear of the bulkhead, which is at least 1 metre longer than the height of the bulkhead. That way you protect the banks optimally.

Sheet piling

We only sell loose materials for sheet piling, it’s almost impossible to have every length and height in stock since every ditch and pond is different. We deliver the boards with which you can make the sheet piling in various heights yourself. We have a solution for everything! Besides the boards for a retaining wall for e.g. a pond or ditch, you can also order our hardwood posts in Azobe or Angelim Vermelho, both wood types have the right properties for sheet piling, that way your retaining wall will last for many years since it’s a big expense and you want to be certain about the quality of the wood you are going to use. Do you need advice on a particular project? We know our craft so don't hesitate to email or call us, we are happy to help.

You can order sheet pile wood from us to make a sheet pile frame ready to install, sometimes it seems more difficult than it actually is. You can also opt to install the retaining wall on-site if it concerns a shallow ditch or pond. You can compose the sheet piling yourself according to the preferred height, the height always depends on the depth of water and the height of the quay.

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