See what other customers have made with our products

On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Lounger 01

Loungers of Ipe planks

These loungers are made from Ipe planks of 7 and 9 cm width. The planks are attached with clips, so that no screw holes are visible in the planks.

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Fence with planks of 9 cm wide

In my backyard, I placed a modern fence with planks of 9 cm wide. With the same planks I made a gate, so it has become a nice whole.

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De Zwart 1

Fence 7 cm

Together with our neighbours, we chose a modern fence where the screws are invisible. Our neighbours wanted to cover the fence with planks of 9 cm wide, and we with planks of 7 cm wide. Fortunately, this was possible in consultation, and according to the company, no problem. Thus, we and our neighbours have created the look of our garden that we wanted. We are very happy with it. 

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De Zwart 3

Modern fence 7 cm

In autumn, we ordered a modern fence with 7 cm planks. The posts, clips and screws were included. With a friend we erected the fence within one day! The result is great.

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Klieverik 1

Modern refit fence

After years of looking at a wood and concrete fence, we wanted a fence that gave our garden a different look. Our eye fell on the modern refit fence, which had the advantage that the concrete posts could stay. We only had to cover our old fence with the hardwood slats of 9 cm width. The tip was to paint the posts and boards black first to create a nice effect. All materials that were needed were supplied immediately. It has certainly improved our garden.

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Ipe garden gate + fence modern - 7 cm

Several parts fence placed with boards of Ipe wood, 7 cm wide. These planks can be attached to the posts with clips, so that no screws are visible. Also made a gate with the same planks in this way

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