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On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Steel sliding doors in modern home

We installed steel sliding doors in this house. When the door is closed, there is always an overlap on the side of the door with the profile of the side panel, creating an attractive whole. When the door is opened, the passage is slightly smaller because the sliding door does not slide completely behind the side panel.

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Steel door Pivot

We made a calculation via the site, the price and quality appealed to us and so we got in the car to go and have a look. We had a good reception with a cup of coffee, a tour of the showroom and later we ordered at home. The delivery was on time and my husband and I assembled 3 doors in 2 days. Satisfied and I can recommend everyone to order this.

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steel doors London

Beautiful steel doors ordered online. Our experience of installing them ourselves was good. We had thought it would be more difficult, which was not the case. The instruction video gives a good explanation of how to install them. All hinges were already pre-sorted in the door, so we only had to drill a few holes. The steel state doors have been ready for a month now, we should have had this earlier, really fantastic!

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Steel doors at Team Nijhuis

We supplied various types of steel doors as part of their total office renovation project. These included normal pivot doors and revolving pivot doors, but also steel windows to divide the various offices into rooms. We have received great reactions from both the staff and the customers who visit Team Nijhuis.

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Oak canopy

Busy placing a roof from Hardwood Discount. The frame is almost there. We are very satisfied with the quality of the roofing, and the roofing is easy to put together because of the pen and hole connections. As soon as the project is finished, more pictures will follow.

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Veranda 1


We are almost finished with the veranda. We are still going to place glass on three sides and the roadwork still has to be repaired. As soon as this is finished, we will send more pictures. 

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