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A screw is made to attach hardwood to each other properly. A screw prevents the wood from warping. Unprocessed wood will always warp over time. A screw provides stability and will prevent the wood from warping. That's why it’s very important to use the right screws.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel screws are necessary so the screw won't rust. Rusting screws are disastrous, the screw loses its strength due to rust formation and will eventually snap off. The function of stainless steel screws is that they permanently attach the boards to each other. The deterioration of a screw due to rust, or a screw breaking off, might cause the hardwood board to start moving. A natural movement of each wood type is that the board will move to the left or right. Also warping of a hardwood board is a natural wood process. You can easily prevent this by using the right self-drilling screw. To prevent this, you have to indicate on the construction sketch how many screws are needed per board and project. The construction sketch or installation instructions show where and how you should screw. The goal is to have a sustainable result, isn't it? So use the hardwood according to our construction manual. Online we indicate clearly where you should mount the stainless steel screws. Our aim is for you to be satisfied for a long time with our delivered hardwood. Therefore it’s essential to carry out the installation instructions correctly. An alloy with in it stainless steel is the best screw to use when fastening hardwood boards.

The force exerted on the screw when you turn the screw into the wood is very strong. With stainless screws in the Torx variant, you can apply force needed to turn the screw into the wood properly. This is not possible with a crosshead screw! Only apply the prescribed screws from Hardhout Discount. With a Torx screw you have the right grip on the head of the screw, which is not possible with a crosshead screw. Pre-drilling of hardwood is necessary to prevent splitting or cracking. We sell drill bits with a counter bore cutter, which is easy to use to fasten the screws splinter-free later on. Pre-drilling ensures that the possibility of splitting is reduced to almost zero. All of our Torx screws always have an extra drill head at the end of the screw. The drill head ensures that the screw will be extra fastened. It’s also referred to as a self-drilling spax screw. This is very important for a long-lasting result. Stainless steel screws won't rust. The Dutch abbreviation RVS stands for Stainless Steel, so no rusting. Hardhout Discount has developed a screw, mixing normal steel with stainless steel, not to be confused with a standard spax screw. That way the alloy of stainless steel screws have become a lot stronger. An alloy is the material from which a screw is made. Stainless steel screws are not stress-proof enough for hardwood. So only using stainless steel screws to attach boards is not enough. We have mixed stainless steel with normal steel to create a new and stronger alloy. This type of screw doesn't rust, and is 4 times as strong as standard stainless steel screws.

Wood lives on so shrinking or swelling is always possible. The hardwood at Hardhout Discount is of outstanding quality but only remains straight if the correct screws are used.

No matter how beautiful the wood is, it only remains straight and in great condition if you use the screws we prescribe. Use exclusive hardwood from hardhout discount with screws from hardhout discount. The calculator makes the correct calculation of the number of screws you will need for each project. Your convenience our service!

Easy to order online

With only a few simple clicks you can order the stainless steel screws in our online store. Indicate the dimensions of e.g. a deck, and we will calculate the number of screws needed to achieve your project. Print the installation instructions, so you know exactly how to apply the wood.

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