Hardwood decking screws - 5.0 x 40 mm - BLACK


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Hardwood decking board screws





5.0 mm


4.0 cm 


Black coated

Suitable for:

1.2 and 2.1 thick


Decking boards




In a pack


Torx Bit

Screws for hardwood

These screws have an alloy, a mix of 2 steel types. Namely stainless steel and normal STEEL. This is way these are much stronger than normal stainless steel screws. Even repeatedly screwing into hardwood won't break the screw. These screws won't oxidise or rust in combination with wood. 

Screws for decking boards

If you use these screws to fasten decking boards, then pre-drilling with a countersink is necessary. You screw the screw through the decking board, into the joist. The head of the screw is at the surface of the decking board, the screws remain visible. 
Note, there is only 1 suitable type of decking board screw. Certainly not every type of screw is strong enough to resist the strength of hardwood. This is why we recommend to buy our screws, with full GUARANTEE of success. 

Plain or Black coloured screws

You can either choose a plain or black coated screw. 
A dark black screw is less visible which gives a nicer end result.

Do you want to mount decking boards with hidden screws?
Mounting strip for no visible screws - clickhere

Screw the mounting strip to the decking board, turn around and fasten to the joist. Simple as that.
This product is not delivered standard wise. Order this mounting strip separately if you opt for hidden screws.

Hardwood decking screws - 5.0 x 40 mm - BLACK


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