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Few hardwoods are as tough as IPE for decking boards. Be it as loose planks or prebuilt flooring tiles, you can count on amazing durability for affordable prices. Its properties make it exceedingly suitable for the Australian market, boasting among other things great resistance to heat and humidity. As with most hardwood lumber it is recommended to oil it once a year to maintain its rich colour. Beyond this minimal maintenance it requires very little attention. The Stratton Group allows you to order everything you need for IPE decking online. We quickly deliver your order right to your doorstep with delivery available along the coast from Mackay to Melbourne. We offer floorboards, supporting beams and posts to allow you to build the deck of your dreams. Start building your new deck with our high quality timber and more.

The benefits of IPE as decking material

IPE decking is a popular choice for several reasons. First and foremost is its incredible density. It is one of the few types of wood on earth that will sink in water. It has exceptional toughness and resistance to many things that commonly plague wood. Moisture, insects and fungi stand no chance. Even more impressive is that it has the same fire rating as steel and concrete. This makes it usable in areas where there are strict regulations regarding fire hazards in your backyard. Lastly it makes IPE decking highly durable. The average lifespan of an IPE deck is two to three decades. More can be added if one takes good care of it. It outshines just about every other alternative decking material handily.

The IPE’s great toughness has a few nice issues. You’ll need some high quality bits to pre-drill every hole. It will take time to build properly, more so than other hardwoods. The cost is also a bit higher compared to some other hardwoods and especially non-hardwood alternatives. But with the much greater longevity of IPE decking it’s an investment worth the money.

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Get started right away in our online shop. We offer everything you need to get started with decks, pergolas and more for your backyard. You can find several different types of hardwood with a beautiful range of colours. A nice stain finish can amplify these even more. IPE can provide many different shades of deep brown and red itself. To preserve these colours we would recommend you to treat your deck with wood oil once a year.

The Stratton Group, beautiful hardwood timber for decks and more

All our IPE lumber is harvested responsibly from Brazilian forests. You needn’t worry about any environmental impact as you build the deck of your dreams. Along with all the materials needed we also provide you with expert advice on decks and decking. The only thing we don’t do is build your deck for you. We just make sure that you or whoever you hire for the job will be provided with high quality products. Aim for the best result and order now from the Stratton Group. Great quality for sharp prices, easily found online in our online store.

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