ipe-garden-gate-modern-look.jpg TUINPOORT MODERN

Hardwood gate modern - do-it-yourself

Wood type:


Gate frame:


Board thickness:

1.9 x 9.0 cm

Board width:

9.0 cm

Total thickness of the gate:

approx. 6 cm


Free choice



Cylinder lock main image

Built-in Cylinder Lock, a Complete set packed in one box

Built-in Cylinder lock, a Complete set suitable for our garden gates with steel frame

  • Ready-to-use pre-packed in a box
  • Complete with 2 door handles
  • Built-in cabinet for gate
  • A cylinder lock with multiple keys
  • And all screws for fastening are included

Modern slatted fence - 7.0 cm slats

IPE - 7.0 cm Click system
Clip assembly Various lengths
Thickness: 2.1 cm
With: 7.0 cm
Length: Various lengths
Free: Clip + Screws


Do you want to calculate quickly and easily a - deck - canopy - or steel door? Directly a picture of the end result.


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We are located in an old warehouse that has been completely rebuilt and furnished with historical building materials. Our new industrial building is completely CO2 neutral.

On Saturdays the showroom is open from 10:00 to 14:00 and on weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00. If you would like to visit outside of visiting hours, please make an appointment.

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If you want to purchase a gate, then there are numerous possibilities to choose from in various dimensions, wood types or application areas.

The Stratton Group makes it easy for you, we don't have a wide range of wooden gates or garden gates. Because we believe that quality at a great price takes priority.

We deliver gate frames with hinges and locks, and loose boards. So you can make your own preferred gate. Or you buy a standard model of which we already did the work for you. As hardwood specialists, we also have finished models ready for you. This hardwood gate can be cladded with wood on both sides. The wood type Keuring is very suitable for this. This wood type is no only very smooth and delicately finished but also strong and stable enough to use for a garden gate.

You can make a gate yourself a partial roof out of Douglas wood. We deliver the steel for in the frame, which you can easily clad with wood. All self-drilling screws, straps and hinges are fully included. At Hardhout Discount you can choose to DIY a single or double gate. You determine the dimensions of the wooden gate. Or do you want to fit the gate between existing stone pillars. Do you have specific preferences? You have plenty of choice at Hardhout Discount.

Complete Door programme at Hardhout Discount.

Hardhout Discount's range varies from budget segment to the absolute top. Everything can, both in height and width, be delivered custom-made to your own needs. For gates the maximum dimensions of 250 cm high and 550 cm wide apply. We deliver them exclusively on request.

Hardhout Discount is unique in The Netherlands. Not only for the competitive prices but also for the quality we deliver. For our gates at Hardhout Discount you benefit from the fact that you take matters into your own hands. Apart from delivering gates, we deliver almost everything in terms of hardwood garden products. If you can't find a product online, please contact us and we will help you. No is not an answer at Hardhout Discount. Of course you can also come to us for the required hinges and locks for a double or standard gate. Also think of  how you can combine a wooden fence with, for example, a nice-looking brick pillar when customising your gates and fences. Whether you choose a hardwood or lariks / douglas gate, at Hardhout Discount you always choose quality and craftsmanship, but above all at the best price!

Why a Hardhout Discount gate?

Are you looking for a sustainable hardwood gate or fence for your fencing? Then Hardhout Discount is the right place for you. Hardhout Discount has gates and fences made of very durable tropical wood types. The wood type, the wood treatment and the craftsmanship with which the gates and fences were made, determine the final quality and life expectancy. And with almost 20 years of experience in the field we know everything about hardwood!

The advantages of Hardhout Discount?


All gates and fences are made with modern machines operated by experienced professionals. We deliver our fences and gates only in the best materials. We have special straps and hinges that are fastened to the steels within the gate frames. That way sagging or endlessly adjusting are a thing of the past.

Only the best materials

The products of Hardhout Discount are among the best. If you choose our products, then you choose a gate or fence made of the best materials and made in a way that a very long life expectancy is guaranteed. The wood types we use are from the highest durability classes, namely number 1, and of course we also have more affordable solutions in Douglas. Hardhout Discount only uses responsible wood!

Do you have any questions? We gladly help you

Free professional advice. All together the employees have almost more than 15 years of experience in selling hardwood products throughout Europe. Do you seek advice? We are happy to help!

Mounting yourself? That is possible, everything is clearly explained in our manuals. You order your gate at Hardhout Discount and you will receive in addition a detailed outline so you don't have to have doubts about the installation of possibly hinges or locks.

Wide range

Whether you choose a Douglas or beautiful hardwood gate, we have the right knowledge and experience at Hardhout Discount to make you a perfect offer. We make sure that you will receive the best materials at the most competitive prices. We relieve you of all worries so you only have to decide which wood type suits you best.

Wood types

For gates and fences, moisture content and hardness are properties that largely determine the suitability of the wood. The better the wood is dried to the core, the more suitable the wood is for application. We use the hardwoods Keuring or Bankirai for gates. Wood drying takes place with great care and it is a slow process. This process guarantees that the cracking or warping of gates or fences are kept to a minimum.

The finished products at Hardhout Discount are made of sustainable wood types. Depending on the price range, we have a solution for every budget. The hardwood gates from class 1 are of outstanding quality.. These gates are among the best in this category, especially when it comes to the perfect finish to the smallest detail. All of the wood we work with is legal and sustainable.

Easy to order online

You can order your preferred products very easily in our online store. You can save costs via our low-priced free delivery. We are the cheapest online store of The Netherlands. From simple wooden gates to modern hardwood gates for your yard. Order your wooden gate, including hinges and locks, now online at Combine your order with wooden posts to mount to your gate. Choose, for example, Lariks/Douglas or tropical hardwood. In our online store you find almost everything hardwood-related for your garden or terrace. Payment is very secure. You can pay with either Ideal, Visa, Mastercard or with Afterpay. The Dutch trust mark Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificate and Terms and Conditions of Thuiswinkel provide a lot more guarantees to the customer than the law does.

Free samples

By requesting a free sample, you will get a better picture of the following aspects of the hardwood you might want to choose:

  • Weight
  • Colour
  • And Wood Structure

That way you know exactly what to expect and what you will order! You can easily request your own sample via our online shop!

Opening times Hardhout Discount?

We are always happy to help you every working day from 8:00 until 17:00! You can always contact us with questions and concerns! Contact us via telephone or email.



Do you want to calculate quickly and easily a - deck - canopy - or steel door? Directly a picture of the end result.