Hardwood decking

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You can add a lot to a house with some hardwood decking. From your deck you can sit in leisure and watch the sunset with a cold beer. With many different colours and finishes you can select the perfect hardwood for a stylish new deck. The Stratton Group makes sure that you have plenty choice, all from responsibly harvested sources. Whether you’re looking for the legendary toughness of Ipe or the striking colours of Massaranduba. We’ve got boards, supporting beams and screws for sale to allow you to build a deck of any size. Order them online and benefit from our complete service.

Besides hardwood boards for decking we also provide various other items. Various styles of wooden fencing panels and terrace roofing help to complete your deck. Discover the wide array of opportunities available to improve your backyard.

Many options for building your own deck

Hardwood decking is far from the only material choice for you. There is a variety of alternatives such as aluminium, recycled plastics or wood-plastic composites. These all provide relatively cheap options for a deck. But even with additional chemical treatment these materials cannot match the sheer durability of hardwood. Nor are they all suitable for the harsh Australian climate. If you’re looking for decks that will last decades, hardwood is by far the best choice. With minimal maintenance our boards last between twenty and thirty years.

Beyond just picking a material there are also other considerations to be made. Do you want the boards to be smooth or grooved? How will they be supported to form a solid construction? Any stylistic details to implement?

Choose the right kind of hardwood for decking

There are different hardwoods available for building a beautiful deck. Each brings their own pros and cons on top of a broad range of available colours. Some can be enhanced further with a stained finish, but not all hardwoods offer this option. What type of lumber fits the planks of your deck the best? We offer several interesting options for hardwood deckbuilding, among which the ever popular Ipe.

Ipe planks are exceptionally well-tailored to deckbuilding. This type of hardwood shines when it comes to durability. It is so incredibly dense it can resist just about any environmental hazard nature can throw at it. The denseness paired with high concentrations of tannic acid within make Ipe highly resistant to rot, insects and mould. I resists scratching and can easily handle heavy use. The sheer denseness of the material also brings with it a surprising fire resistance. The fire rating of Ipe hardwood compares to that of steel or concrete. Perfect for parts of the country that are prone to brushfires.

The same denseness that makes Ipe stand out from other hardwoods can work against it too. Any screw or nail you want to put in it will need to be pre-drilled. And even with carbide-tipped bits drilling will take time. The concentrations of tannic acid mentioned before also mean you need to make sure any connected metal parts are stainless. It’s also relatively expensive, but with a lifespan easily spanning two decades it’s a worthwhile investment.

Other options we provide are Louro, Jatoba and Massaranduba. These are each roughly similar in toughness and environmental resistance, but all boast a distinct style for your deck. We import these from South America and Asia to provide you with a wide choice of the cheapest hardwood boards. Each a solid choice for hardwood decking to create a smooth transition from your house to your backyard. Whichever you choose, we do recommend that you use the same type for the flooring and the support. For more advice and help with hardwood decking, feel free to give us a call. Our experts will happily help you with all your questions about our products.

Enrich your yard with hardwood decking, pergolas and more

Adding a deck to the house gives your home a beautiful luxurious look, especially when hardwood is used. This long-lasting addition can be further expanded upon with a nice pergola or terrace roof. Create a comfortable spot from which to enjoy nature in your backyard. Designs for hardwood decking can be as wild as you want to imagine them. Whether you do it all yourself or with some professional help, your deck adds great value to your house. Start off in the best way possible with lumber and more from the Stratton Group.

Outside of materials for a beautiful deck we also provide a broad selection of other products to enrich your backyard. Hardwood fence panels, fence gates and skirting boards give you an easy and effective way to enhance your home. Order everything you need online and have all the materials delivered to your doorstep.

Find everything you need for hardwood decking in one handy online store

You can find the best timber and all other required material for new decks in one place online. High quality flooring with many stylish types of hardwood allows a great variety of decking options. Nicely finished planks, solid supporting beams and several ways to connect them. Either the traditional look of deck screws visible in the boards or more modern methods. These allow you to screw the boards into place with no screw being visible. An impressive, modern look for hardwood decking.

No matter what style you might be looking for, we provide you with the materials you need to get building. Discover a wide array of possibilities and see quickly whether we have them available for you. Ordering online is made easy with our website. Payment is handled effectively with either credit cards or PayPal. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Stratton Group, professional advice and a broad supply for hardwood decking and more

We make sure everything you order is delivered as fast as possible. We deliver all along the south and east coast from Mackay to Melbourne. The cheapest hardwood materials for decking, fences and more is now for sale in our online store. High quality all around and perfectly suitable for the tough Australian climate. With stylish and practical hardwoods like Ipe and Jatoba you can choose the right type of wood for your deck. Start your new hardwood decking project today and order now from the Stratton Group.

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