Fence posts finely sawn rough pointed 6x6 cm

Fence posts fine sawn sharpened 6.0 x 6.0 cm


Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 cm

Lengths: Various lengths

Profile: Fine sawnSharpened

Mounting: Quick and easy

Durability: Long - 30 years or more

Finely sawn poles

Hardwood Posts 7.0 x 7.0 cm


Wood type



7.0 cm


7.0 cm


Fine Sawn + Sharpened





Foundation pile 6x6

Foundation posts 6.0 x 6.0 cm

AZOBE Fine Sawn
 Hardwood Sharpened
Thickness: 6.0 cm
Width: 6.0 cm
Length: 2.00 m1


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Woven ground cover

Woven ground cover  Anti-weed growth
  Black Anti see-through
Thickness: 2 mm
Width: 2.15 cm
Length: At your choice
Application: At your choice


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Posts are available in European hardwood as well as in Tropical hardwood. We have Lariks Douglas or Oak posts for sale, this is European hardwood. We sell Lariks or Douglas often as construction wood, used for verandas, partial roofs or garden houses. Wooden posts can be used for many purposes and are available in various dimensions. Azobe, Angelim, Massaranduba and Bankirai are all types of tropical hardwood.

Square post planed and fine sawn

All of the posts at hardhoutdiscount are for sale in a square fine sawn or a square planed variant. We also sell pre-planed posts. We are namely an online dealer for StarTimber hardwood products.

A planed post has had an extra mechanical treatment and is therefore more expensive than a fine sawn hardwood post. All of our posts are sawn square. A post is called a post when it's square, thus for example a dimension of 6 x 6 cm will be a post. If the dimensions aren't the same, for example 5 x 8 cm, then it's not a post but a beam.

Why choose StarTimber

Startimber only delivers sustainable hardwood, in accordance with all of the rules and legislation. The brand Startimber itself runs intensive checks on legality in the countries of origin. This is important, for example for the survival of the tropical rainforest.

StarTimber square post pre-planed

StarTimber wood is splinter-free and straight-grained. A fine sawn post always has a few splinters and has a rough surface. A Startimber post is lightly pre-planed, which gives these posts a smoother surface. The wood gets polished so to speak, which makes it a better and more beautiful product. Startimber is slightly more expensive than a standard hardwood fine sawn post, but cheaper than a fully planed post. The advantage of Startimber wood is that all the wood is pre-planed and therefore dimensionally stable. Startimber hardwood is made splinter-free. Unlike a fine sawn post which is not dimensionally stable and still contains splinters.

If you are going to build a fence or partial roof then you will get the best end result if you use StarTimber. StarTimber hardwood is produced with more care, which is represented in the finish of the wood.

Startimber planed posts

Startimber hardwood planed posts are sorted out with the greatest possible care in the country of origin. Thus only the best wood is used for the StarTimber production.

Startimber has the best value for money.

Because of the excellent packaging and the dimensionally stable quality of the hardwood, you receive the highest attainable quality for the best end result. You can't buy this product at construction markets. Only specialised wood wholesalers sell this product. Hardhout Discount is the online dealer.

Wide range of products on hardhout discount online

With the products from Hardhout Discount online you will create better and more beautiful projects. All of the wood we offer is of high quality. We always try to set ourselves apart from other suppliers. That’s why we became an online dealer of a quality Startimber brand. With Startimber hardwood you will make everything even nicer and better. For every project StarTimber hardwood has a suitable solution. A fence, flower box, terrace or partial roof in hardwood, you name it. StarTimber has customised wood profiles and/or dimensions available. These products are not available at construction markets.

Technical specifications and delivery, for the professional user

Pre-planing sets StarTimber apart from all the rough hardwood. This wood is polished so to speak, free of spots and therefore becomes a smoother, nicer end product than standard fine sawn hardwood. Startimber is fully planed on four sides, also all of the pre-planed products have a strongly distinctive character. This because the special packaging makes sure that the product always stays fresh. Greying wood or stained parts because of transportation are reduced to almost zero. All of the ends of the wood have been treated twice with special moisture sealer, so moisture is extracted less quickly from the wood, this stimulates the stability of the hardwood in the long term, since the existing moisture in hardwood will be extracted from the wood less quickly. StarTimber products are always in the durability class 1 or 2, which are technical names to indicate how long wood will last in the ground. Wood will start rotting eventually if it comes into contact with water or soil. Startimber wood guarantees a very long durability. Startimber inspectors check the entire production process and the country of origin, the goods are also checked multiple times when they arrive in The Netherlands, before the wood arrives at hardhout discount online. That way you, as a client, are assured of a great and better product.

Tropical hardwood isn't used that often for partial roofs, verandas or garden houses. These wood species have a heavier weight and are harder to process than Lariks Douglas or Oak. It is however recommended to use planed tropical hardwood for the stanchions that will carry the roof construction. Wooden posts in the ground are affected by bacteria and fungi in the ground. Tropical hardwood is a lot more sustainable than Oak or Lariks Douglas. That's why we recommend to use tropical hardwood if you place wooden posts in the ground. Square wooden posts are available in a planed variant with round edges or a fine sawn variant.

Available dimensions for posts

A fine sawn post has a rough surface, on which the grain of the wood lightly can raise. Fine sawn square posts are square-sided and don't have any round edges. Splinters frequently occur amongst fine sawn posts. Wooden posts in the ground as fine sawn posts may have a slight deviation in width or thickness. This is because the circular saw gets hot while sawing, and therefore saws with a slight deviation, which provides more dimensional tolerance. It’s therefore impossible for a post to be square by the millimetre.

Fine sawn posts are available in the following dimensions in centimetres or cm

  • 4x4 cm, often used as a foundation post under a deck
  • 5x5cm, often used as a foundation post under a deck
  • 6x6 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • 7x7 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • 8x8 cm, very wide variety of application, from sheet pile post, fence post to field fence post
  • Products starting from size 6x6 cm are also available in STARTIMBER hardwood

Planed posts are for sale in the following 85x85 cm dimensions, also available in StarTimber

  • 6.5x6.5 cm, usually used as a fence post, almost always visible concrete
  • 6.8x6.8cm, usually used as a fence post, almost always visible concrete
  • 8.5x8.5cm, usually used as a fence post, or another robust stanchion, almost always visible concrete
  • 11.5x11.5 cm and in 14.5x14.5 cm. These are often used for partial roofs or veranda posts.

Planed wooden post spiked

The finish is a lot smoother with planed square wooden posts. A planer works on the square posts, making the surface very smooth. Planed square wooden posts always have a round edge on all four sides. Sometimes more machining is needed, not only for a round edge on the four sides but also for a V-groove along the sides. Planed square wooden posts are dimensionally stable. These square wooden posts are all planed the same way so that they all have the same dimensions.

Garden lighting

With garden lighting your wood project will look even more beautiful at night. By using the right garden lighting you can add a certain ambiance to your garden.

Garden lighting comes in many different shapes, this could be 12 V LED lighting or a normal 220 V lighting. Garden lighting is always splash-proof because it should be able to handle all weather elements. You can install lighting as spots in a deck or in the roof boarding. Integrated lighting often gives the best finish and end result. But also spotlights or lamps can look very nice.

Don't forget to make a construction sketch before building a partial roof in Douglas, Oak or tropical hardwood. This is not only practical to know beforehand how big the project will be. But it also clarifies where the power points should be installed. Eliminating live wires is a lot better than placing them in sight later. Avoid unpleasant surprises later on, think about what result you want. Create a clear construction plan and incorporate it in the construction sketch.



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