Wood drill bits

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Do you regularly DIY in and around the house or are you a professional handyman? Then you often need wood drill bits so you can carry out your DIY jobs properly and complete your projects successfully.

You can buy the following wood drill bits at our store:

  • Formwork drill bits
  • Spade drill bits
  • Spiral wood drill bits
  • Hinge hole drill bits
  • Auger drill bits

You can read more information about these drill bits down below.

Formwork drill bits

Formwork drill bits are extra-long drill bits with a shaft that has a smaller diameter than the drill bit itself. Do you need a formwork drill bit to DIY at home or at work? Then just order this drill bit online.

Spade drill bits

If you have to drill one or more drill holes in hardwood quickly and precisely then you can use a spade drill bit.

Spiral wood drill bits

The spiral wood drill bit is sometimes also called the standard wood drill bit. Most people who only have a small selection of drill bits at home own at least a spiral wood drill bit. Don't you have a spiral wood drill bit yet and you would like to order one? then simply order one at Hardhout Discount.

Hinge hole drill bits

As the name hinge hole drill bit already suggests, these wood drill bits are used to drill holes to fasten a hinge to it.

Worm drill bits

Lastly, there are our worm drill bits. We have 200 products of this frequently used drill bits in our range, they all differ from each other in terms of product type, application and price. By offering various products in various price ranges, we try to make sure that everyone can order the best worm drill bit. Whether you have a big or a small budget: everyone should be able to use the best tools.

We purchase wood drill bits and other hardware directly from the supplier/importer.

Our current supplier is known for his quality, no Conrad, Gamma or Praxis quality, but professional tools at a lower price. 
You should pre-drill every type of hardwood and use special hardwood screws. You can only buy these materials at our store or another specialised company. 
Our range offers wood drill bits, spade drill bits, spiral drill bits and auger drill bits.
In various thicknesses and lengths. If you are not sure which one to buy, don't hesitate to ask for our advice, we are happy to help.

Mounting hardwood

We advise you to pre-drill all of the hardwood products, this makes it easier to mount the products and you will have a nicer result. 
For decking boards, we recommend to use a countersink. It will give a nice result and the screw won't leave rough spots during assembly. 
For placing hardwood foundations posts, we recommend to use an auger for minimum 2/3 of the post's length. 
You can usually rent an auger from known tool rental companies in The Netherlands. When pre-drilling hardwood be careful that you don't use dull drill bits. This causes too much friction, which increases the risk of the drill bit snapping off.
A sharp drill bit is therefore required to deliver good work.

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