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You can get wooden planed beams in all shops and dimensions at Hardhout Discount. Whether you are looking for cheap beams for the foundation of a log cabin or cheap beams for a partial roof. We deliver top quality hardwood beams at competitive prices. 

Planed beams

For a pergola for example you can choose a planed beam or a rough sawn beam for a more robust look, we have various sizes in stock, for example planed wooden beams in the dimensions 45 x 70 or 45 x 90mm, 40 x 60mm, 40 x 90mm or rough sawn beams in 50 x 100, 50 x 150 or even 65 x 90mm, 65 x 140mm. Do you choose hardwood foundation beams, keep in mind that these wooden beams are buried in the ground, thus a good sustainability is very important. Given the beautiful appearance, good stability and high sustainability, we recommend hardwood types such as Ipe, Angelim Vermelho or Azobe.

Are you for example building a partial roof and you don't know exactly what the best way is to install the wooden beams? Or you're not sure which fixing materials you need for beams? We gladly help you with advice and tips. Call our Advisory Team.

It’s very important to know the application of the product, which can make choosing a certain wood type easier since the wood types differ a lot from each other, namely in terms of hardness, wear-resistance and workability. We can advise you on which wood type is the best for which application. For example, Azobe is a very hard and sustainable wood type but is not suitable for fence boards. When you use this wood type in smaller and especially thinner dimensions then it quickly has the tendency to warp, twist and crack. Since we at Hardhout Discount have experts in terms of hardwood, they can inform you about everything and offer good advice on planed and rough sawn wooden beams. Ipe is the best wood type suitable for every application.

Hardwood beam / hardwood beams. Hardhout Discount has a complete range of hardwood beams at the most competitive prices and with a quick delivery! Since we have experts in terms of hardwood beams, we can inform you about everything and offer good advice. Hardwood beams are available in various profiles and finishes: flattened, rough and fine sawn beams. We offer a wide range of hardwood beams in various dimensions and lengths up to even 7 metres! Are you for example building a pergola but you don't know exactly what the best way is to install the hardwood beams? Or you're not sure which fixing materials you need? We gladly help you with advice and tips.

Partial roof Hardwood

We can deliver various specifications of hardwood beams or posts for a partial roof from our stock, from 100x100mm up to 150x150mm for posts and sills, and for beams from 45x70mm up to 50 x 100, 50 x 150 beams and 50 x 200mm beams. These hardwood posts and beams are available in a fine sawn, thus rough, variant. The most frequently used hardwood types are Ipe, Angelim Vermelho and Azobe, these posts are very inexpensive and very sustainable. We deliver hardwood posts and beams in durability classes 1 or 2, which means that these posts are very  durable. An example: hardwood posts in the type Angelim vermelho and Ipe have a life expectancy of 25 years (for applications with ground contact) we always recommend hardwood beams and posts since 9 out of 10 times they are placed in the ground and hardwood has a bigger resistance than for example impregnated pine wood or Lariks / Douglas. For a ring beam you can opt for a cheaper solution by choosing spruce wood but if you prefer to finish everything neatly, we recommend you to choose a beautiful hardwood beam. These are available in various dimensions as already mentioned. Would you like to receive more information about our beams or other products and their application? Download our free installation and product manuals.


Hardwood planed beams are most frequently sold in 40 x 60, 40 x 90 and 45 x 70mm, used for pergolas but mainly used as a joist for a hardwood deck.

Rough sawn beams are also sold a lot in 50 x 100 and 50 x 150, these are often applied as foundation beams for installing a log cabin or as ring beam for a DIY partial roof or shed. You find the number of beams you need for building a deck or partial roof on our page "manuals for deck or partial roof", you can download these manuals free of charge, or use our calculator for a total price. Our hardwood beams are resistant to soil and wet grounds. Also check out our 5 x 5 cm pickets for lightweight constructions. Are you looking for a specific beam for an explicit application? We are happy to help, you can also call us or send an email.

Why Hardwood?

We more and more get the following question: why should I choose hardwood? First of all, you shouldn't believe everything that appears in the media. Of course things happen in terms of tropical wood that aren’t acceptable but that doesn't mean that every sawmill and importer are this way. We, together with our suppliers, try to ensure that all of our products, especially hardwood, are harvested in a sustainable way and purchased and sold legally. There is no doubt to us that hardwood is an excellent product into which we put our heart and soul because you can create such beautiful products and projects with it.

For hundreds of years, wood is one of the biggest natural resources used for many different applications. Wood has proven throughout the centuries to be sustainable and reliable. We at Hardhout Discount want to show you in a brief overview that wooden decks, doors, window frames, beams and stairs are the best choice throughout the cycle of use. Wood is simply the best choice, whether it's about appearance or durability, wood has the best advantages compared to alternative applications. Don't forget that the environmental taxes on steel, plastic or concrete are a lot higher than on wood.

Wood is sustainable

Trees can already be chopped after 20 years, and if we treat our forests in a sustainable way then trees grow back without any problems, this cycle progresses way faster than for other commodities such as ore and petroleum. When talking about petroleum and ores, we talk about commodities that need centuries to fully develop, renewing them after extracting them is therefore not doable. So if we treat our forests in a sustainable way then wood is an inexhaustible natural resource.

Wood is CO2 neutral

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, through photosynthesis. On average trees absorb 0.9 ton CO2 per m3 wood from the atmosphere. Did you know that wood compared to concrete, aluminium, plastic and steel demands very little energy to be produced and extracted? We are talking about lower CO2 emission of 1.1 tonnes per m3 on average. Ultimately wood reaches a reduction of CO2 emissions 2 tonnes when processing 1m3 of wood. And of course doesn't produce harmful emissions during its useful life.

Wood is safe

Wood has a high fire safety which has been proven. Think of wood in window frames, stairs and doors. In case of fire, wood proves to have a low thermal conductivity which slows down the charring of the surface. Besides it’s also proven that wood barely releases harmful gases in case of fire. That way we limit the risks for the residents, which is of crucial importance.

Wood is insulating 

Wood has a unique cell structure and therefore has very good insulating properties. Its properties are so good that it insulates 15 times better than for example concrete and even 400 times better than steel.

Wood is strong

Even with a low weight, wood is very, very strong compared to other used commodities such as concrete and steel.

Wood is versatile

You can make everything with wood, just look at for example historic buildings with a lot of wood or the most modern designs in this day and age. Wood can be applied everywhere and you can produce almost everything in wood.

Wood is easy to maintain

We can sand window frames and paint them again, we can repair for example stairs and doors. And after they will look as good as new.

Wood is recyclable and biodegradable

Wood is perfectly recyclable. Recycling wood doesn't require large amounts of energy unlike steel or concrete. And wood is often used to generate renewable energy if it doesn't get recycled. The CO2 that is released is no more than the CO2 stored in the tree during its growth period. Wood is completely CO2 neutral, which commodity can say the same. Do you want to prevent that future generations have to deal with our waste? Then choose wood, wood is namely fully biodegradable. Sheet pile walls are a great example, a used sheet pile wall can be perfectly re-usable.

Wood is beautiful and warm

If you choose wood then you also choose a warm appearance. A veranda with a beautiful deck can be a perfect connection between indoors and outdoors. Because of the flexibility of wood, you can get the preferred look for your project.

Wood is environmentally friendly

As already mentioned, wood is CO2 neutral and fully biodegradable. But then we talk about untreated wood, hence why we don't sell impregnated wood. Wood doesn’t cause pollution. Therefore use wood to replace for example decks, fences, doors, roofs and stairs

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