4x4 2

Foundation posts sharpened 4.0 x 4.0 cm

Azobe Fine Sawn
 Hardwood Sharpened
Thickness: 4.0 cm
Width: 4.0 cm
Length: Various lengths
Finely sawn poles

Hardwood Posts 7.0 x 7.0 cm


Wood type



7.0 cm


7.0 cm


Fine Sawn + Sharpened





Foundation pile 6x6

Foundation posts 6.0 x 6.0 cm

AZOBE Fine Sawn
 Hardwood Sharpened
Thickness: 6.0 cm
Width: 6.0 cm
Length: 2.00 m1


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Fence posts finely sawn rough pointed 6x6 cm

Fence posts fine sawn sharpened 6.0 x 6.0 cm


Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 cm

Lengths: Various lengths

Profile: Fine sawnSharpened

Mounting: Quick and easy

Durability: Long - 30 years or more



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Hardwood Poles

Our hardwood poles are products that are only made from tropical hardwood, these are by its presentation, the way of sawing and planing, all products that are more beautiful and better than all other hardwoods. All the wood is sorted out several times so that you always receive the highest quality possible.


This product is not for sale in a DIY store or at a normal timber dealer. Only the dealers have this product for sale. Our hardwood is sustainably produced and comes from a reliable source.

Hardwood Discount is one of the few online dealers of this product.

Hardwood posts are available in European hardwood and in Tropical hardwood. In European hardwood you should think of Douglas wood, this wood is often used in construction wood, this is for verandas, shelters or gazebos. Tropical hardwood posts are very widely applicable and are available in different sizes, often used as fence posts, meadow posts and as posts in carports and shelters. The most common wood types are Azobe, Angelim, Massaranduba and Bankirai, in planed or finely sawn variants.

Hardwood poles planed or finely sawn?
Hardwood Discount sells hardwood poles in both planed and finely sawn variants. Generally, hardwood posts in planed variant are used for visible work and fine-sawn posts when appearance is not an important factor.

Our hardwood products are available in both pre-planed and fully planed posts. A planed post has undergone additional machining, making this post more expensive than a traditional finely-sawn hardwood post. This also applies to a pre-planed post, which is slightly more expensive than a finely sawn post. However, you get a much more attractive ( looks ) and splinter-free product in return. Fencing posts used for demarcation with mesh in parks or along motorways are often finely sawn. But if you do not choose a fence post, but are going to install a fence for example, then usually a planed post is used. We have these in various sizes. Planed in 6.5 x 6.5 and 8.5 x 8.5 cm. Generally the length of 2.75 or 3 m1 is used for a fence. Hardwood poles in pastures, on the other hand, can be made in both variants. In equestrian sports, only planed material is usually used, as otherwise a pair may injure itself on a finely sawn meadow post. A meadow pole that has been planed has a rounded corner and is splinter-free, which is why this type of pole is chosen. These posts are usually 8 x 8 cm or thicker. The lengths are often 2 or 2.5 m1 .

Why choose hardwood poles of Hardhout Discount online?
Hardwood Discount Online only supplies sustainably produced hardwood, according to all rules and legislation prescribed within and outside the EU. We check the hardwood poles and all other sizes in the countries of origin on legality. This is very important for the survival of the tropical rain forest, among other things. We also monitor the quality and can ensure that we always have a suitable stock for you throughout the year.

Planed hardwood posts
Our hardwood posts are splinter-free and straight. A finely sawn pole has a rough surface and always contains some splinters. A machine smoothens the surface of the pile and gives it a rounded corner. This gives this pole more cachet than a finely sawn pole.

Origin of hardwood
Hardwood posts come from the rain forests of Africa and South America. We buy the wood from hardwood importers who import the hardwood according to the latest laws and regulations. Both Africa and South America produce beautiful wood for the Dutch market.

Hardwood Discount has the best price and quality ratio in hardwood poles.
Because of the excellent packaging and the high quality of the hardwood, you will receive a nice package, containing the most beautiful wood for the best end result. You cannot buy this hardwood in a DIY store. We have a wide range and quality, Hardhout Discount is the online dealer for European hardwood like Douglas, and of course the tropical hardwood specialist.

The products and hardwood poles of Hardhout Discount online
With all the cheap products of Hardwood Discount online, you will make better and more beautiful projects. All our webshop hardwood is of very high quality. We distinguish ourselves from other providers, we have not only cheap products but also very fast deliveries. 

also for the professional user
We are distinctive in the supply of hardwood. Because of our own large stocks of European and tropical hardwood. We can deliver quickly. Also, our wood is of such high quality that the professional user is increasingly able to find us.

We are happy to deliver to you by the piece, but we are also strong in the delivery of full wood packages. The price of full packs is not stated online, please ask us by e-mail what the pack price is. This is more advantageous because we do not have to work if we sell a full pack. We pack every order on a pallet, we also cover the wood with plastic. A truck with forklift ( cage monkey ) delivers the wood wherever you want. This can be at your company or directly at your project location. Your convenience, our service. Because we pack the wood well and store everything under cover, the freshness of this product is always guaranteed. Grey hardwood posts, or parts contaminated by transport, are reduced to almost zero.

We supply hardwood posts and other products with durability class 1 or 2, which are technical terms for how long wood will last in the ground. Class 1 or 2 are the highest achievable classes, i.e. the most durable tropical hardwood. This means a life of 20 years or more. All wood will eventually rot if it comes into contact with water or soil. With our tropical hardwood you are therefore guaranteed a very long life.  The inspectors of hardwood discount online check the whole production process in the country of origin, and when the goods come in to the Netherlands several times. Before the wood at hardwood discount online comes in. Therefore, you as a customer are assured of a beautiful and better product.

Tropical hardwood for shelters, verandas or gazebos is often only used as uprights. Tropical hardwood is heavier in specific gravity and more difficult to work with than larch or oak. Tropical hardwood is much more durable than oak or larch. It is therefore advisable to use tropical hardwood if you are installing wooden posts in the ground. If you are using posts or wood above the ground, Oak or Douglas fir is also sufficient for a long life. Also painting the wood extends its life span.



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