EDPM roofing

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At Hardhoutdiscount we offer EPDM roofing. This is a membrane roofing system. These are all layers of EPDM foil, attached to each other by a technique. This membrane technique creates a high density so you can seal each roof in one go.

EPDM roofing has big advantages because the number of seams on the roof are kept to a minimum. This causes no risks. Lastly, EPDM roofing doesn't require as much treatment as other roofing such as tar paper or tiles. You can therefore seal your roof much quicker and it’s very effective.

The EPDM foil is very suitable to prevent ageing caused by exposure to UV radiation. You can glue the entire foil to the roof by using the special kit that is also included.


Of course there are several conditions a roof must comply with. These are mentioned in the "building code".

1 of the most important conditions is that a roof must be fireproof. EPDM Easy cover foil is developed in a way that it is fully fireproof. It complies with standard NEN 6063.


  • Long life expectancy of approx. 50 years
  • UV resistant
  • Impact on environment is negligible
  • Suitable for any roofing system
  • DUBOkeur
  • Lightweight ( 1.23 kg per m2)
  • Root penetration resistant
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Fireproof
  • KOMO certified
  • Quick application
  • Suitable for green roofing systems
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Safe application

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