Pedra decking boards 1.9 x 14.0 cm - Long lengths – HIDDEN FASTENERS


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Type of wood:



 1.9 x 14.0 cm


 Various lengths


 Flattened, smooth


 1 side striped


 Approx. 5 mm


 between the boards


 Quick and easy


 High - luxury look


 Long, 20 years or more




 Assembly Clips


 Screws + bit

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Pedra Hardwood Decking Boards

Pedra decking wood, Pedra wood is a good choice of wood. This type of hardwood has a long durability, 20 years or longer. This is dried wood and is therefore very stable hardwood, well suited for all conceivable applications.
This is why we have an extra wide range of this type of hardwood. ANP hardwood has a brown and light brown colour, has a uniform structure and is fine-grained. This wood is hard wearing, strong and won’t move. Usually the flattened smooth side is used as the visible sight but you can also choose to use the striped side as the visible sight, depending on your taste.

Hidden or Visible fastening

In the main menu on the homepage, you can select 2 ways to make the right decking selection in the grey bar under ‘Decking’.
click here for -> decking boards invisibly screwed
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Advantages of Assembly clips

The assembly clips are slid on the side, “in the groove”, of the decking board. When purchasing this product, you receive the screws and COBRA assembly clips for FREE. The assembly clips are mounted on the joists under the terrace’s surface. This is why the screws won’t be visible. The clips also serve as spacers between the boards. By using assembly clips, a gap of approx. 5 mm appears, which eases the assembly. By using these assembly clips, you save a lot of time and mounting the hardwood decking board will become a lot easier and quicker.

For a traditional decking board that doesn’t have recess for an assembly clip, you screw straight through the decking boards. Pre-drilling with a countersink is also necessary. That way, you can see the head of the screw at the surface of the decking board, whilst the screws are not visible when using an assembly clip. The clips and screws are made out of rvs metal and are black coated so they won’t rust or oxidise with hardwood. This gives an even nicer result.

Hardwood foundation + foundation posts

To mount a hardwood deck, hardwood joists and, if needed, foundation posts are necessary to have a good foundation under the deck. The distance between the joists shall not be bigger than 40 cm. The foundation posts shall be screwed to the joists. We recommend to use 3 hardwood foundation posts every square metre of decking. The foundation posts make sure that the entire deck won’t sink.

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Order large quantities?

Send an email to for the price of a full stack of wood. The price of a full stack is cheaper instead of price per unit.
A full stack has a minimal volume of approx. 90m2 or 100 units.

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Pedra decking boards 1.9 x 14.0 cm - Long lengths – HIDDEN FASTENERS

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