Ipe decking boards 1.9 x 14.0 - Long lengths - VISIBLE SCREWS


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 Wood type:



 1.9 x 14.0 cm


 Long lengths



 Our Tip:

 Use the mounting strip


 for invisible mounting


 Approx. 5 mm expansion gap


 between the boards


 Quick and easy


 luxurious look 


 IPE is the best wood


 Long, 30 years or more

IPE hardwood

Ipe decking wood, terrace wood, beams or joists? We sell it all. Ipe wood is the best choice of wood. There is no better hardwood than Ipe. This type of hardwood has a long durability of 30 years or more. Ipe is a very stable hardwood and is therefore suitable for every conceivable application. Ipe is the best wood. This is why we have an extra wide range of this type of hardwood. Ipe has a brown and light brown colour, has a uniform structure and is fine-grained. This wood is hard-wearing, strong and won’t move.

Process of facade cladding

Build a framework on the facade out of hardwood joists. Depending on the surface, IPE slats can also be directly stapled or screwed to the facade. Make sure to keep a minimum gap of 3 mm between the facade cladding boards. We advise to make the distance between the frame / the joists not bigger than 40 cm.

Price per square metre (m2)

We deliver enough boards to install the ordered square metres. We deliver various wood lengths. But always a minimum of 2 lengths. We assume that you use a gap of 3 mm. We sell this product per m2. When mounting, laying the boards in a random "wild bond" pattern has the nicest finish, see photos to see the end result. We advise to always order approx. 10% more wood, there is always some cutting waste.

Ipe decking boards 1.9 x 14.0 - Long lengths - VISIBLE SCREWS


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