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On this page you will find several projects for inspiration. Have you also realised a project with us? Send us the pictures and we will reward you with a discount voucher, for yourself or to give away.

Sublicoat 1

Treetrunk table 8 cm thick, canteen

To realize our canteen in our company, I ordered trunk table tops from Hardhout Discount. I used these trunk table tops as a kitchen top, shelf, and a tall trunk table to enjoy with our staff in our canteen. We are happy with the good result. I also ordered the lamps hanging above our trunk table from Hardhout Discount.The floor that I have laid I have had from Hardhout Discount before. This is an Ipe plank floor, visibly screwed.

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Outdoor kitchen IPE

Ipe outdoor kitchen -2.5 x 9.0 and 2.5 x 14.0

For a customer in Bussum, in the Netherlands, I have made an outdoor kitchen from Ipe decking boards. The decking boards that I used are 2.5 x 9.0 and 2.5 x 14.0. When the construction was finished, stone blades were mounted. The customer, and myself, is very satisfied with the end result

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Ipe floorboards - 2.1 x 12.0 - Decking

We have laid a platform for our home. We have ordered the wood from Hardhout Discount. Through their website we have opted for Ipe hardwood, crack-free decking. This platform was very easy to install. We are very happy with the result, and the quality of the wood was super!

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Ipe cladding and Ipe decking boards - sandpit

I have ordered Ipe cladding 2.1 x 9.0 cm, Ipe decking boards 2.1 x 14.5 cm and foundation piles to make a sandpit in my garden. Hardwood Discount, thanks for the quick service, and the thinking about the collection. After an afternoon of seeing, it was done. I am very happy with the material.

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Ipe decking unvisible screws clip system

Ipe platform invisible screwed in canopy.After we had refurbished our existing roof in the spring, we wanted to replace the tiled terrace with a raised wooden deck.After we had compared a number of test samples, we opted for Ipe decking boards with invisible fixing.Assembling with clips was easy, I personally found it easier than laying a click laminate floor. An additional advantage of the clips is that you do not have to take into account the distance between the boards because the mounting clip automatically takes care of this. We are very happy with the result. In addition, the customer service from Hardhout Discount has answered all our questions perfectly by telephone and the decking boards were, as agreed, neatly delivered the day after placing the order.

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Curacau project

 Hello guys of The Stratton Group. I have already made some pictures of the end result. With my phone, but the rest will come later.I want to hire another photographer to photograph the entire final picture. But then the furniture should also be on it. These are stopped for a while by Customs L here in Curacau. We are happy with the bankirai boards! uses 2.1 x 18.5 cm with mounting strips for invisible screws. We rent out our house, this gives an extra nice effect. And we still had some wood left, we have made a beautiful gate out of it!

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